The “Double D Advantage”

Whether searching for a new home or selling your present home, the process can be overwhelming, stressful and challenging to say the least. There are many key points to consider which Realtor to choose but there are two very important ones. First, the professionalism of the Realtor. How long of a career have they actually had in helping clients in real estate. Are they a good negotiator. Do they have their client’s interests first and not their own. Do they specialize in the type of property the client is searching to obtain or the one they are needing to sell. Second, how much time will the Realtor give to their client. This can be a very huge problem when the Realtor has numerous clients at one time. Time is of the essence and has to be available. No excuses! Time is critical.

Being different is a good thing. Stepping outside of the box is a good thing. With the Double D Advantage, I provide over 12 years of experience is helping clients list their homes for sale and helping clients locate that special home. I specialize in residential single family properties. I use modern techniques, strategies and practices to achieve desired results because adapting to the ever changing events of present day is a must. It is exceptional important to me to give a great amount of time to my clients. For this reason, I never accept over 5 clients at a time. I believe that the client and Realtor relationship is of up-most importance. No excuses. Sharing time with multiple clients isn’t the best option for clients.

If you want to find out more about the Double D advantage and feel more like a family member than a number, give me a call. It would be my privilege to represent you in the right way.

David E. Davis

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