Today, it’s with great peace in the soul, that I have chosen to become an affiliate with Homes For Heroes®. Having worked in EMS, as a Paramedic and Flight Paramedic, for 11 years and in Law Enforcement, as a State Trooper, for 14.5 years, I know the emotional struggles at times. The memories, the pain and the soul enduring events doesn’t just leave when the shift is over. Unless a individual actually works in the roles, they will never truly know how it feels. 

Respect is not just given, it’s earned. Unfortunately, even when it is earned, it is not received. As I have said many times to numerous “brothers and sisters” in the fields, I will always have their “6”. But, I want to do more. Becoming a affiliate of the Homes For Heroes® program, will allow me to give back in a different way. To each and every individual, that heeds the calling to protect and serve others, I thank you for your service.


– David E Davis


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