The thought of purchasing a home can be energetic, confusing, fun or very stressful to a home buyer. The pathway, from beginning to end, can take many twists and turns.

In purchasing a home, you need a REALTOR® that will work in your best interests. I want to be that REALTOR® for you. As with anything, experience plays a very important role in achieving great results. Beginning my real estate role back in 2005, I have learned an abundance of skills and knowledge which includes a very highly and desired skill. That skill is Negotiation. Price is one of the deciding factors in your purchase. I represent my Buyer clients with a intense and high level of professionalism. There are many events that have to take place along the pathway. Being a Expert in the real estate process, I will walk with you through the process.

Being your personal REALTOR®:

  • Will meet with you and determine the types of homes that appeal to you. Choose the types of areas and neighborhoods that appeal to you.
  • Will provide you with information, in relation to mortgage companies, that will begin the process to determine your best type of mortgage. This will produce the ability to get a pre-approval letter.
  • Will construct a list of properties that meet your desires and needs and set up personal showings for you. I will be with you every step of the way as we tour the property.
  • Will start the negotiations, when you find your dream home, with the Seller’s side to obtain the best price for you. I work for you, not the Seller.
  • Will formulate the purchase contract and begin the pathway to your new home, when your offer is accepted.
  • Will set up and schedule home inspections, pest control inspections and any other inspections in a timely manner.
  • Will contact and stay in frequent contact with your chosen mortgage representative to make sure everything is going smoothly and provide documents or required forms along the way.
  • Will contact your chosen closing attorney and make sure they have needed documents.
  • Will be with you, at the closing attorney’s office on the closing day and celebrate with you on your new home.

Call me today and let me help you find your new home. Let me be your Ultimate REALTOR®!!

David E. Davis




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